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HIMA Z7116 PLC/DCS control module

HIMA Z7116 PLC/DCS control module

HIMA Z7116 PLC/DCS control module. PLC, intelligent instrument and intelligent performance equipment (such as frequency converter), can also communicate with each other through Internet, exchange data and operate each other. It can be connected into long-distance control system, and the system scale can be as large as 10km or more. Can form part of the network, not only PLC, but also advanced accounting machine, various intelligent equipment can also enter the network. Bus networks can be used, or ring networks can be used. The net can also be set up. The network and the network can also be bridged. The network can arrange countless PLC, accounting machine and intelligent equipment in a network. The nodes between the networks can communicate and exchange information directly or indirectly.

Xiongba Industrial Control has been working in the field of industrial automation parts since 2002. We mainly supply automation parts to heavy industrial manufacturers around the world. We have PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards, other electrical equipment parts in stock and also offer in production products.We have a global shared inventory and 16 regional warehouses in 6 countries, with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

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