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HIMA H7020 Security module

HIMA H7020 Security module


HIMA H7020 Security module

HIMA’s H41/51q system is a CPU quadruple structure (QMR), that is, the central control unit of the system has a total of four microprocessors, each of which is integrated on a CU module, and then composed of two identical CU modules to form a redundant central control unit. HIMA’s 1oo2D structural products have received AK6/SIL3 safety certification. The purpose of using the double 1oo2D structure, that is, the 2oo4D structure, is to provide users with large practicability (availability), and its fault tolerance function makes the failure of any part in the system without affecting the normal operation of the system. Compared with the traditional triplex structure, its fault-tolerant function is improved. At present, SIS with quadruplex structure has become the mainstream trend of new system development by various manufacturers. The H41/51q system is a modular structure, and the frame part includes a unit, a communication module and a power module. Each 51q system is capable of expanding up to 16 I/O subracks, each of which accommodates 16 I/O modules.

Our company is committed to through the installation of control systems for spare parts service for you and drive to provide spare parts support, we have a lot of internal inventory, including (DCS, PLC, CNC), the panel controller and HMI, industrial PC, drive, power supply and production control system and servo motor parts, reduce the maintenance cost of spare parts of you, We’ve also released a lot of new hardware to help support your existing installation or take advantage of the latest technology.

PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards

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