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HIMA H7018 Industrial control module Controller

HIMA H7018 Industrial control module Controller

HIMA H7018 Industrial control module Controller

Founded in 1908, HIMA is a world-renowned professional manufacturer of safety control systems. HIMA has been at the forefront of safety control since 1970, when it introduced the world’s first TUV-certified fail-safe control system, Planar, which has guided the development of three generations of safety control system technology around the world. HIMA has long been committed to the development and application of safety control systems and has always maintained a technical position in this field. For more than 30 years, HIMA has produced more than 20,000 safety control systems in use, widely distributed around the world in petrochemical, offshore oil platforms, oil and gas pipelines, metallurgy, electric power, machinery manufacturing, transportation and large public buildings and other industries.

Xiongba Industrial Control has been working in the field of industrial automation parts since 2002. We mainly supply automation parts to heavy industrial manufacturers around the world. We have PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards, other electrical equipment parts in stock and also offer in production products.We have a global shared inventory and 16 regional warehouses in 6 countries, with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

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