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HIMA F8620/11 Central Processing Unit

HIMA F8620/11 Central Processing Unit

F8620/11 These essential functions are

– two clock-synchronised micro processors

– each mikroprocessor with an own memory, one processor operates with real data and program and the F8620/11 other one with inverted data and program

– testable hardware comparer for all the external accesses of both micro processors, in case of a fault the watch dog will be set to the safe status and the status of the processor is announced

– Flash-EPROMs of the program memory for the operating system and the user’s program usable for min. 100.000 writing cycles

– Data memory in sRAM

– Multiplexer to connect I/O bus, DPR and redundant CU

– Battery backup of the sRAMs via batteries on the central module with monitoring

– 2 interfaces RS 485 with galvanic isolation F8620/11 . Transm. rate: max. 57600 bps. Set to 9600 bps and to 57600 bps by switch, or setting also of other transm. rates by software (the software values have priority)

– Diagnostic display and 2 LEDs for information out of the system, I/O level and user’s program

– Dual Port RAM for fast memory access to the second central module

– hardware clock, battery backed

– I/O bus logic and connection to the input-/output modules

– Fail-safe watchdog

– power supply monitoring, testable (5 V system voltage)

– Battery monitoring

PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards

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