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HIMA F7113 Power module

HIMA F7113 Power module


HIMA F7113 Power module

PLC is one of the three pillars of modern industry and is a highly reliable and widely used industrial control product. In medium and large modular PLC products, the CPU module (processor) is the center of the PLC. Some major industrial production lines often require continuous operation can not stop, and no matter how high the reliability of the PLC can not guarantee zero failure, therefore, dual CPU redundancy control is an effective means to meet the requirements of continuous production and improve the availability of the system. The following takes the automatic control system of molten salt furnace as an example to describe the implementation method of double CPU redundancy control.

Xiongba Industrial Control has been working in the field of industrial automation parts since 2002. We mainly supply automation parts to heavy industrial manufacturers around the world. We have PLCS, DCS, operating panels, servo drives and servo motors, exciter boards, other electrical equipment parts in stock and also offer in production products.We have a global shared inventory and 16 regional warehouses in 6 countries, with sufficient stock and fast delivery.

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