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HIMA F6214 | ANALOG INPUT MODULE | 984621402

HIMA F6214 | ANALOG INPUT MODULE | 984621402

HIMA F6214 | ANALOG INPUT MODULE | 984621402.The F6214 has 4 differential input channels, each with a range of -10V to +10V or 0V to +10V .The module communicates with the control system via a serial interface, using the Modbus RTU or HIMA DDCMP protocol .the module, it must be installed in a compatible HIMA system and configured using the appropriate software. The F6214 is not a standalone device .The module requires an external power supply of 24V DC, which should be connected to the appropriate terminals on the module.

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HIMA F6214 | ANALOG INPUT MODULE | 984621402

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Each input channel has a corresponding set of terminals labeled +IN, -IN, and COM. The +IN and -IN terminals are used for the input signal, while the COM terminal is connected to the system ground.

The module has a built-in self-test feature that can be initiated using the appropriate software .

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