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HIMA Safety System Module B4234 ,B4235,B4236-1, B4236-2,B4237-1, B4237-2,B5230,B5231,B5232-1 ,B5232-2

HIMA Safety System Module B4234 ,B4235,B4236-1, B4236-2,B4237-1, B4237-2,B5230,B5231,B5232-1 ,B5232-2

B4237-1| HIMA | B 4237-1 Parts of the assembly kit

Brand: HIMA
Module: B4234 ,B4235,B4236-1, B4236-2,B4237-1, B4237-2,B5230,B5231,B5232-1 ,B5232-2
Description: Safety System Module
Country of Origin: Germany

All modules of HIMA systems are manufactured according to relevant standards, and all modules are tested for various mechanical properties including high and low temperature aging tests. All modules of the H41/51q system meet the requirements of the European Union EMC standard and **CE certification, while the H41/51q system also meets the G3 standard. The system’s SOE accident record resolution is ms level, and up to 100,000 event records can be stored. The system’s SOE function logs the failure of the system itself or the various events that lead to an interlock stop.

HIMA Safety System Module

B4243 B4235

B4236-1 B4236-2

B4237-1 B4237-2



B5232-1 B5232-2




Central Module

F8650A,E F8652X,E

Power Supply

F7126 F7130A

Input/Output Module

Digital Input Module

F3221 F3222

F3223 F3224

F3236 F3237

F3238 F3240

F5203 F5220

Analog Input Module

F6208 F6214

F6215 F6216

F6216A F6217

F6220 F6221

Analog Output Module

F3322 F3330

F3331 F3332

F3333 F3334

F3348 F3422

F3430 F6705


Distribution Module and Sub Rack


Auxiliary Equipment

F7131 H7013

Communication Module

F8621A F8627X


I/O Bus Connection Module


HIBVS Bus Connection Module

H7505 H7506


Power Relay Module

H4116 H4122

H4135 H4136

Data Connection Cable

Bv7032 Bv7040

Bv7043 Bv7044

Bv7045 Bv7046

Bv7048 Bv7049

Bv7050 Bv7051

Bv7052 Bv7053

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