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GE IC697CPM925 Single slot CPU Module

GE IC697CPM925 Single slot CPU Module

GE IC697CPM925 Single slot CPU Module PLC CPUs 64 MHz, 32-Bit Floating Point Central Processing Unit,1 Mbyte Memory The CPM 925 is a single slot programmable controller CPU which allows floating point calculations. The CPM 925 CPU is programmed and configured by MS-DOS or Windows based programming software to perform real time control of machines, processes and material handling systems. It communicates with I/O and smart option modules over the rack mounted backplane (IC697CHS750, 782, 783, 790, 791) by way of the VME C.1 Standard format. Supported option modules include all IC697 LAN interface modules, several Coprocessor modules, Bus Controller for IC660/IC661 I/O, Communications modules, and all of the IC697 family of discrete and analog I/O modules.

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 Single slot CPU

 Provides 1 Mbyte of battery-backed memory in the same slot

 Supports floating point calculations

 12K inputs and outputs (any mix)

 Up to 8K analog I/O

 0.4 microseconds per boolean function

 64 MHz, 80486DX2 microprocessor

 Supports IC660/IC661 and IC697 I/O

 Programmed by MS-DOS or Windows software products running on Windows 95 or Windows NT over Ethernet TCP/IP or through the SNP port

 Configurable data and program memory

 Battery-backed calendar clock

 Three position operation mode switch

 Password controlled access

 Remote programmer keyswitch memory protection

 Four status LEDs

 Software configuration (No DIP switches or jumpers)

 Reference information inside front door

 In-system upgradable firmware

GE IC697CPM925 Single slot CPU Module

GE IC697CPM925 Single slot CPU Module

Connecting your programmer via an Ethernet TCP/IP network requires installation of an Ethernet Interface module in the PLC. This can be either the Ethernet Controller, IC697CMM741, or Ethernet Interface (Type 2), IC697CMM742. Before connecting your programmer and PLC to the Ethernet TCP/IP network you must set the IP address in the Ethernet Interface. After setting the IP address, connect the PLC and the programmer running Windows software to the Ethernet Interface. For more detailed information on Ethernet TCP/IP, refer to the TCP/IP Ethernet Communications (Type 2) User’s Manual, and the Windows programming manual, GFK-1295

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