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GE FANUC IC693CPU372-AE | IC693CPU372 | CPU372 MODULE.The GE FANUC IC693CPU372-AE is a programmable logic controller (PLC) from GE FANUC’s Series 90-30 family. It is a powerful and versatile PLC that can be used in various industrial automation applications. To work with this PLC, you will need to understand its specifications, programming language, and communication protocols.


Here are the steps you can follow to get started with the GE FANUC IC693CPU372-AE:

Understand the Specifications:The IC693CPU372-AE is a CPU module that operates at 25 MHz and has 240K bytes of user memory.

It supports up to 3072 discrete I/O points and up to 512 analog I/O points.

It has built-in ports for serial communication, including RS-232 and RS-485.

Learn the Programming Language:The programming language used for the GE FANUC IC693CPU372-AE is the IEC 61131-3 standard. It supports multiple programming languages, including ladder logic, function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST), and sequential function chart (SFC).

Ladder logic is the most commonly used language for programming this PLC. It uses graphical symbols to represent logical and control functions.

Install the Programming Software:To program the GE FANUC IC693CPU372-AE, you will need to install the appropriate programming software. The recommended software for this PLC is Proficy Machine Edition (PME) by GE Digital.

PME provides a user-friendly interface for programming and configuring the PLC. It supports all the programming languages mentioned earlier and offers advanced features like online debugging and monitoring.

Establish Communication:Before you can communicate with the IC693CPU372-AE PLC, you need to establish a connection between your programming software and the PLC.

The IC693CPU372-AE supports multiple communication protocols, including SNP (Serial Network Protocol), Ethernet Global Data (EGD), and Modbus TCP/IP.

You will need to configure the communication settings in your programming software to match the settings of the PLC.

Write and Download Your Program:Using the programming software, you can now writ.

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