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GE DS200TCTGG1AFF Simplex Trip Board

GE DS200TCTGG1AFF Simplex Trip Board

GE DS200TCTGG1AFF Simplex Trip Board The GE Simplex Trip Board DS200TCTGG1AFF is populated with 21 plug-in relays. It also has 3 50-pin connectors and 2 12-pin connectors.Design And Development Of Automatic Test System Of PLC Module.

GE DS200TCTGG1AFF Simplex Trip Board



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Product Name:Simplex Trip Board | MK VI Turbine Control System Module

The IDs of the 21 plug-in relays are prefixed with K and end with a number. The numbers are in sequence beginning with 1. Some of the IDs are K1, K5, K10, and K21. The relays snap into place on the board and are help in place with metal straps. To remove a relay, detach the metal strap and pull the relay out of the connector. To install a relay, align it with the connector and press it into the connector. Then, clip one end of the metal strap to the connector, arrange the metal strap over the top of the relay, and clip it to the other side of the connector.


The replace a relay, it is necessary to remove the GE Simplex Trip Board DS200TCTGG1AFF from the drive. Communicate with an engineer or installer who is familiar with the installation of the drive and is experienced with the power supplies connected to the drive. Disable the power supplies by disconnecting the fuse or by other means as required. Use a testing device to test the interior of the drive for electric current, before you continue. Disconnect the cables from the board and diagram the locations of the cables so that you can connect the cables to the right connectors when you reinstall the board.

GE DS200TCTGG1AFF Simplex Trip Board

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