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GE 369-LO-0-M-F-E-0-0 Motor Management Relay

GE 369-LO-0-M-F-E-0-0 Motor Management Relay

GE 369-LO-0-M-F-E-0-0 Motor Management Relay.the GE 369 Motor Management Relay. This digital relay is used for the protection and monitoring of mechanical systems and three-phase motors. It has control power rated at 20-60 VDC (20-48 VAC) and offers various optional features such as a metering package, fiber optic port, and Modbus TCP over Ethernet interface. The relay is designed to “learn” motor parameters and adapt to the specific application in use.

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Here are the key details about the GE 369-LO-0-M-F-E-0-0 relay:

Control power: 20-60 VDC (20-48 VAC)

Optional metering package for voltage and power elements

Optional features include a fiber optic port and Modbus/TCP protocol interface

RS232 front panel port and three RS485 rear ports with Modbus RTU protocol

Optional features include enhanced motor learned data, motor start data logging, enhanced event recording, user-defined poll input data, loss-of-communication tripping, and undervoltage auto-restart

GE 369-LO-0-M-F-E-0-0.jpg

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