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GE 369-H1-R-M-0-0-0-E  PROTECTION RELAY Also The PLC Module Can Be Configured On Line In Real Time , Finishing Various Logic Control.

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The GE 369-HI-R-M-0-0-0-E is a motor management relay designed for medium voltage motors. It is part of General Electric Multilin’s 369 series of motor management relays.the 369 relay, as well as its upgrades and accessories, are soon to be discontinued and are in a state of last-time buy. Some upgrades, such as the conformal coating that functions as a protective layer against corrosion, high temperatures, dust, and humidity, can still be added in after the product line is discontinued.



The 369 is equipped with built-in features, including metering, event recording, pre-trip alarms, motor health report, and oscillography. The metering feature allows the relay to monitor quantities such as voltage, watts, frequency, and energy, generating protective functions based on the value datas generated. The event recording feature enables users to analyze what’s going wrong in the system by reporting the cause of the trip, along with temperature and data values at the time of the trip, directly after a trip. The pre-trip alarms feature notifies users prior to a trip when it is caused by ground faults, mechanical jams, RTD overtemperature, and more. The motor health report feature uses learned information and history of system trips to identify when and where maintenance may be required. Finally, the oscillography feature triggers three waveform records on trip and captures sixteen data cycles. Phase and ground currents and contact input status are both captured during this process.

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