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EPRO/EMERSON PR6423/010-140+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor

EPRO/EMERSON PR6423/010-140+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor

EPRO/EMERSON PR6423/010-140+CON021 Eddy Current Sensor 8mm Eddy Current Sensor

Non-contact sensor designed for critical turbomachinery applications such as steam,gas and hydro turbines, compressors, gearboxes, pumps and fans to measure radial and axial shaft dynamic displacement; EPRO/EMERSON position, eccentricity and speed.

EPRO/EMERSON PR6423/010-140+CON021



EPRO was founded in 1970 as a factory of Dutch company Philips in West Germany and became an independent company in 1992. In 1994, it acquired Philips Steam Turbine Monitoring and Protection System Division, which inherited decades of valuable experience and well-equipped production facilities accumulated by Philips in the field of rotating machinery protection, especially the senior experts cultivated by Philips for many years and the worldwide sales and technical service network. And on this basis, the development of a new generation of steam turbine monitoring and protection system: MMS6000. Since Philips Steam Turbine monitoring and protection system RMS700 entered the Chinese market in 1986, it has been widely used in Chinese electric power system. At present, EPRO MMS6000 system PR6423/010 has been running on more than 200 sets of large steam turbines in all power plants in China, and it has been continuously adopted by more new units, and the original RMS700 and other protection systems will be gradually reformed, to fully ensure the safety of these units.

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