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EPRO/EMERSON PR9376/20 Speed Sensor Probe

EPRO/EMERSON PR9376/20 Speed Sensor Probe

EPRO/EMERSON PR9376/20 Speed Sensor Probe.The PR 9376 speed sensor is ideally suitable for contact less speed measurements at ferromagnetic machine components. Rugged construction, simple installation and excellent switching characteristics permit the use within a wide application field in industry und laboratory. Another application area is the use as proximity switch e.g. for switching, counting or generating alarms at passing components or at machine parts coming sideways closer.

EPRO/EMERSON PR9376/20 Speed Sensor Probe

the PR9376/20 appears to be a non-contact Hall effect sensor designed for speed or proximity measurements on critical turbomachinery applications such as steam, gas and hydro turbines, compressors, pumps, and fans. It is a robust structure that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, with a temperature range of -30°C to +100°C and a limit temperature for max. 30 s without damage of 120°C. It is also equipped with a system of protection of IP 66 according to DIN 40050.

EPRO/EMERSON PR9376/20 Speed Sensor Probe

the PR9376/20 speed sensor is suitable for non-contact speed measurement of ferromagnetic machine components. Its robust structure, simple installation, and excellent switch characteristics allow for a wide range of applications in the industrial and laboratory fields. Another application area is as a proximity switch, for example, for switching, counting, or generating alarms at components passed or laterally close to machine components


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