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EMERSON Ovation 1C31132G01 ANALOG OUTPUT Module

EMERSON Ovation 1C31132G01 ANALOG OUTPUT Module

EMERSON Ovation 1C31132G01 ANALOG OUTPUT Module.The Ovation 1C31132G01 ANALOG OUTPUT Module is a new module, which has better functions than the old module and can be better applied to the original environment.This product is a module that belongs to the Ovation series, which is a product line from Emerson [0]. The 1C31132G01 module is an analog output module that sends field signals from electronic modules to the terminal block [0]. The module also has a terminal block temperature measurement feature with specific specifications

Ovation 1C31132G01 ANALOG OUTPUT

1C31132G01,ANALOG OUTPUT Module

1C31132G01 is a non-imported product from Westinghouse, which is a brand owned by Emerson. The product is not customized, and it has a working voltage of 220V and an output frequency of 50kHz. The website also indicates that the product has the CCC certification, which is a mandatory product certification requirement in China.

1C31132G01,ANALOG OUTPUT Module

The website indicates that the random access memory (RAM) and the auxiliary relays that have a holding function are protected by a lithium battery, which has a lifespan of approximately five years. When the voltage of the battery drops to a certain level, the PLC basic unit will turn on the indicator light to show that the battery voltage has dropped

1C31132G01,ANALOG OUTPUT Module

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