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BENTLY NEVADA 3500/95 System Integrated PC Display

BENTLY NEVADA 3500/95 System Integrated PC Display

The 3500/95 System Integrated PC Display provides local or remote visual

indication of all 3500 Machinery Protection System information using the

included 3500 Data Acquisition and Operator Display software. The 3500

software allows displays for single or multiple racks. The displayed information


• System Event Listimage.png

• Alarm Event Lists

• Channel status and data

Rack configuration may take place using remote or local access. The design

integrates the display with a 2.0 GHz Celeron based PC, 40GB hard drive, color

TFT display with touch screen, CD-ROM, Serial/Parallel/USB/Ethernet ports and

Windows XP (minimum).

The display is a Panel Mount type that may be located up to 4000 feet from the

3500 rack, when using the correct cable option and RS-422 communication


The Integrated PC Display connects directly to the Rack Interface Module via an

RS-232 or RS-422 serial port. RS-422 protocol requires an adapter (BN P/N


The user may connect the Integrated PC Display to a Local Area Network via a

10/100 Base-T Ethernet port.

The 3500/95 display requires external power.



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