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Bently Nevada 3500/61 Temperature Monitors Bently350061

Bently Nevada 3500/61 Temperature Monitors Bently350061

Bently Nevada 3500/61 Temperature Monitors Bently350061.The 3500/60 & 61 modules provide six channels of temperature monitoring and accept both Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) and Thermocouple (TC) temperature inputs. The modules condition these inputs and compare them against user-programmable alarm setpoints. The 3500/60 and 3500/61 provide identical functionality except that the 3500/61 provides recorder outputs for each of its six channels while the 3500/60 does not.

BEMTLY 3500-92-04-01 COMM GATEWAY MODULE 3900-92.jpg

The user programs the modules to perform either RTD or TC temperature measurements using the 3500 Rack Configuration Software. Different I/O modules are available in RTD/TC non-isolated or TC isolated versions. The user can configure the RTD/TC non-isolated version to accept either TC or RTD, or a mixture of TC and RTD inputs. The TC isolated version provides 250 Vdc of channel-to-channel isolation to protect against external interference.

BENTLY 3500 MODULE 3500/05 3500/15 3500/22M 3500/33 3500/42M

When used in a Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) configuration, temperature monitors must be installed adjacent to each other in groups of three. When used in this configuration, the system employs two types of voting to ensure accurate operation and to avoid single-point failures.

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