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Bently Nevada 3500/53M Module

Bently Nevada 3500/53M Module


Bently Nevada 3500/53M Module

Unlike previous systems, the Orbit 60 Series system supports Keyphasor  configurations for any dynamic input channel through the PAV, PAS, PAA, and PAD  input modules. For high-phase accuracy applications (over 12,000 rpm) the high  speed Keyphasor module can support four transducer inputs per module. Input  configurations to this module can also serve as prox-vibration inputs. The  Keyphasor input module occupies a single slot.

BENTLY NEVADA 3500-25 Keyphasor IO Module.jpg

You can configure any channel on the module as a once-per-turn Keyphasor or  a multiple-event-per-turn speed signal from a rotating shaft or gear used to  provide a precision timing measurement.



Part No:133396-01

Product Name:Tachometer Module



Bently Nevada 3500/53M was a privately held US corporation between 1961 and 2002, during which time it pioneered the eddy-current proximity probe, a sensor that revolutionized the measurement of vibration in high-speed turbomachinery by allowing the direct observation of the rotating shaft. The company also performed significant research in the field of rotordynamics, furthering knowledge of machinery malfunctions such as shaft cracks and fluid-induced instabilities. Its research also helped refine the equations used to describe vibratory behavior in rotordynamic systems.


The 3500TMR configuration performs the monitor voting function by selecting the install function of the MONITOR option. In this way, the TMR TDI continuously compares the output of the three redundant monitors. If the TMR TDI detects that the output of one monitor is not equal to the output of the other two monitors (within a percentage of the configuration), it issues an error indication to the monitor.



The application of the Bentley Nevada 3500


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