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Bently Nevada 3500/53 Overspeed Detection I/O Module 133396-01

Bently Nevada 3500/53 Overspeed Detection I/O Module 133396-01

Bently Nevada 3500/53 Overspeed Detection I/O Module 133396-01 The primary purpose of the Dynamic Input module is to digitize the sensor  signal at a rate that completely encompasses the signal content and  provides transducer power for various sensors. The Orbit 60 Series Dynamic  Input module is a 4-channel input module available in both negative and  positive dynamic input options. The inputs are also used for speed or  Keyphasor signals.


BEMTLY 3500-92-04-01 COMM GATEWAY MODULE 3900-92.jpg



Features:Highly Reliable

Fast Response

Combines to Form a 2-Out-Of-2 or 2-Out-Of-3 Voting System

The GE / Bently Nevada 3500/53 Series Electronic Overspeed Detection Systems for the 3500 Series Machinery Detection System provide a highly reliable, fast response, redundant tachometer system intended specifically for use as part of an overspeed protection system. It is designed to meet the requirements of American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 670 and 612 pertaining to overspeed protection. The 3500/53 modules can be combined to form a 2-out-of-2 or a 2-out-of-3 (recommended) voting system. The Overspeed Detection System requires the use of a 3500 rack with redundant power supplies.



Part No:133396-01

Product Name:Tachometer Module

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