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BENTLY 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Monitor 6 channel 3500-63

BENTLY 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Monitor 6 channel 3500-63

The 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Monitor is a six-channel monitor that is used as a safety-system element by providing levels of alarms based on the concentration of combustible gases. An alarm issued by this monitor indicates that the gas concentration is sufficient to cause personal safety concerns because of explosion or asphyxiation. It is designed for use with heated catalyticbead gas sensors (Hydrogen and Methane) and indicates hazardous gas concentration as a percentage of the lower explosive level (LEL). The monitors can be utilized in either a simplex or redundant (TMR) 3500 Rack configuration

BENTLY 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Monitor 6 channel 3500-63

The Hazardous Gas Monitor application is particularly suited for enclosed or confined spaces where combustible gases are used as fuels or are being handled, pumped or compressed. If a leak occurs, the gases may accumulate and reach a potentially explosive concentration. Detection and alarming on gas concentrations is critical for the.

BENTLY 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Monitor 6 channel 3500-63

If the 3500/63 Hazardous Gas Detection Monitor is added to an existing 3500 Monitoring System, the following (or later) firmware and software versions are required: 3500/20 RIM Firmware – Revision L or later, 3500/22M 3500 Rack Configuration Software – Version 3.6 or later, 3500/01 Data Acquisition Software – Version 2.42 or later, 3500/02 Operator Display Software – Version 1.42 or later, System 1ä Version 5.0 or later External Termination Blocks cannot be used with Internal Termination I/O modules. When ordering I/O Modules with External Terminations, the External Termination Blocks and Cables must be ordered separately.

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