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Bently 3500/33-01 16 ChannelRelay Module 3500-33-01

Bently 3500/33-01 16 ChannelRelay Module 3500-33-01

Bently 3500/33-01 Relay Module 3500-33-01 16-Channel.Independently programmed to perform voting logic.Features:1)Front panel LEDs 2)Alarm drive logic 3)5.8 watts typical power consumption 4)Epoxy-sealed 5)Single-pole double-throw (SPDT) 6) 250 Vrms installed as standard 7)100,000 cycles relay contact life.

3500/33 16 CHANNEL RELAY

3500-33-01″ appears to be a product number for a relay module manufactured by Bently Nevada. The 3500/33 relay module is a high-density module that provides 16 relay outputs. Each output can be independently programmed to execute voting logic, and each relay includes alarm drive logic. The module is designed for use in mechanical protection applications and is compliant with the American Petroleum Institute’s API670 standard for this type of system

Bently 3500/33-01 16 ChannelRelay Module 3500-33-01


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