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ABB XVC724BE102 | 3BHE009017R0102 | PCB | XVC724BE

ABB XVC724BE102 | 3BHE009017R0102 | PCB | XVC724BE

ABB XVC724BE102 | 3BHE009017R0102 | PCB | XVC724BE.This module is used in the excitation control system.Excitation control principle: The output of the excitation system is direct current (DC), so it is minimally affected by alternating current (AC). However, in the event of major disturbances, overvoltage, or short-circuit currents in the power grid, the excitation control system may not operate stably. Additionally, if the excitation control system has poor control accuracy, overvoltage or short-circuit phenomena may occur. The excitation control signal is directly fed back to the control system.CONTROL PANEL CDP 312R:ABB 68281059;3BHB004661R0101/KUC711AE;FUSE (SI FORM C, 3A):3BHE018045R0003;POWER SUPPLY QUINT-PS/1AC/24DC/20:3BHB027204R0001;3BHL000389P0104/5SHX2645L0004

Excitation control methods: There are two methods – frequency control and power control. Frequency control is mainly used for real-time online control of excitation generator speed and power parameters, but it can also cause issues that affect the safe operation of the excitation equipment. Power control is mainly used for medium-frequency excitation control or high power factor excitation control.

ABB XVC724BE102 3BHE009017R0102 XVC724BE.jpg

ABB XVC724BE102 | 3BHE009017R0102 | PCB | XVC724BE.

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