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ABB UNITROL1020 | 3BHE030579R0003 | voltage regulator

ABB UNITROL1020 | 3BHE030579R0003 | voltage regulator

Country of Origin:Switzerland (CH),Weight:3.736 kg Products / Power Electronics /UNITROL® Excitation Systems / UNITROL 1000 / UNITROL 1020.UNITROL 1020 is a powerful and compact automatic voltage regulator with built-in dual channel support, advanced load sharing between machines operating in parallel, rotating diode monitoring, automatic synchronizing and several integrated communication options.(UNITROL1005 、UNITROL1010



ABB UNITROL1020 | 3BHE030579R0003 | voltage regulator

UNITROL 1020 is the voltage regulator of the UNITROL 1000 family intended for small and medium synchronous generators and industrial machines. This voltage regulator is manufactured using the most advanced microprocessor technology and IGBT semiconductors allowing current output up to 20 ADC for continuous operation. UNITROL 1020 provides high performance in a wide range of temperature and vibration conditions and it is fully certified according DNV and UL standards. UNITROL 1020 has additional features in contrast with legacy versions, as for instance Ethernet, USB, data and event logger and many others.


ABB UNITROL1020 | 3BHE030579R0003 | voltage regulator.

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