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ABB UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 Servo Controller

ABB UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106 Servo Controller

ABB UFC911B106 3BHE037864R0106   Servo Controller.Variable frequency drives are used to control the speed of an AC motor by varying the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the motor. The VFD consists of several components like a rectifier, DC bus, inverter, and control board, which work together to achieve speed control of the motor. The control board is the brain of the VFD, which receives input signals from the operator and adjusts the output frequency and voltage accordingly.


Extraction Slot

An extraction tool is used in conjunction with the extraction slot, just below

the select push-button, to remove the card from the rack. The extraction

tool is provided as part of the Key Kit (05701-A-0550) supplied with each

rack assembly.

The card is removed by first unscrewing the two card securing screws,

one at the top of the card and the other at the bottom of the card, and then

hooking the extraction tool into the extraction slot and then gently pulling

the card out of the rack.

2.6 Display Label and Cover

A clear perspex cover clips to the front panel and retains the label which

provides identification of the control card type, sensor scale, LED and

push-button functions.

Two different label colours are used:

a. Grey/Blue – Control cards fitted with Catalytic Sensor Drive


b. Violet – Control cards fitted with 4 – 20mA Sensor Drive


The perspex cover is removed by first

removing the control card from the rack

and then locating a small hole on the

inside of the front panel just above the

LCD display. A blunt object, such as a

screwdriver, is then pushed through the

hole to unclip the perspex cover.

A small recess in the perspex cover

allows a label to be inserted to indicate

the channel tag name or gas type.


3.1 General

The Engineering Card provides facilities to allow each control card to be

interrogated and to allow normal maintenance functions such as

calibration to be carried out. It also acts as a connecting point for the

engineering interface which allows each card to be configured.

3.2 LED Indicators

Two indicators at the top of the front panel of the

Engineering Card indicate the operational status of

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