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ABB RK682011-BA

ABB RK682011-BA


Packing a Control | RK682011-BA In the automation system control has a very important role

Use the following materials when returning a complete control:

• protective caps on any connectors;

• antistatic protective bags on all electronic modules;

• packing materials that will not damage the surface of the unit;

• at least 100 mm (4 inches) of tightly packed, industry-approved packing


• a packing carton with double walls;

• a strong tape around the outside of the carton for increased strength.

To prevent damage to electronic components caused by improper

handling, read and observe the precautions in Woodward manual

82715, Guide for Handling and Protection of Electronic Controls,

Printed Circuit Boards, and Modules.

Replacement Parts

When ordering replacement parts for controls, include the following information:

• the part number(s) (XXXX-XXXX) that is on the enclosure nameplate;

• the unit serial number, which is also on the nameplate.

Engineering Services

Woodward offers various Engineering Services for our products. For these services,

you can contact us by telephone, by email, or through the Woodward website.

• Technical Support

• Product Training

• Field Service

Technical Support is available from your equipment system supplier, your local FullService Distributor, or from many of Woodward’s worldwide locations, depending

upon the product and application. This service can assist you with technical

questions or problem solving during the normal business hours of the Woodward

location you contact. Emergency assistance is also available during non-business

hours by phoning Woodward and stating the urgency of your problem.

Product Training is available as standard classes at many of our worldwide

locations. We also offer customized classes, which can be tailored to your needs

and can be held at one of our locations or at your site. This training, conducted

by experienced personnel, will assure that you will be able to maintain system

reliability and availability.

Field Service engineering on-site support is available, depending on the product

and location, from many of our worldwide locations or from one of our FullService Distributors. The field engineers are experienced both on Woodward

products as well as on much of the non-Woodward equipment with which our

products interface.


Main product :

ABB: Industrial robot spare parts DSQC series, Bailey INFI 90, IGCT, etc., for example: 5SHY6545L0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE10-0181,5SHY3545L0009,5SHY3545L0010 3BHB013088R0001 3BHE009681R0101 GVC750BE101, PM866, PM861K01, PM864, PM510V16, PPD512 a10-15000 3BHE040375R1023, PPD113, PP836A, PP865A, PP877, PP881, PP885,etc.,


GE: Spare parts such as modules, cards, and drivers. For example: VMIVME-7807, VMIVME-7750, WES532-111, UR6UH, SR469-P5-HI-A20, IS230SRTDH2A, IS220PPDAH1B, IS215UCVEH2A , IC698CPE010,IS200SRTDH2ACB,etc.,

Bently Nevada: 3500/3300/1900 system, Proximitor probe, for example: 3500/22M,3500/32,3500/15, 3500/20,3500/42M,1900/27,etc.,

Invensys Foxboro: I/A series of systems, FBM sequence control, ladder logic control, incident recall processing, DAC, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing, such as FCP270 and FCP280,P0904HA,E69F-TI2-S,FBM230/P0926GU,FEM100/P0973CA,etc.,

Invensys Triconex: Power module,CPU Module,communication module,Input output module,such as 3008,3009,3721,4351B,3805E,8312,3511,4355X,etc.,


Woodward: SPC position controller, PEAK150 digital controller, such as 8521-0312 UG-10D,9907-149, 9907-162, 9907-164, 9907-167, TG-13 (8516-038), 8440-1713/D,5466-258, 8200-226,etc.,

Westinghouse/EmersonOVATION system, WDPF system, MAX1000 system spare parts, such as 1C31129G03, 5X00063G01, 5X00063G01,1C31181G01,SE3007, VE3008, etc.,


Rockwell Allen-Bradley:Logix 1756,1794,2711touch screen such as 2711-B6C20,etc.,

Rockwell ICS TRIPLEX:T8151B,T8311 ,T8403 ,T9431, T8480C,etc.,

Rockwell Reliance:PLC-MODULE,WR-D4007,0-57406-E,Y-3023-2-H00AA,etc.,


Schneider Modicon: Quantum 140 series processor, control card, power module,

such as 140CPU65160, 140CPU67160, 140CPU43412,140CPU67060,140DDI35300,140ACO13000,140CRA93100,140CPU11303,140ACO13000,etc.,


Hima: Security modules, such as F8650E, F8652X, F8627X, F8628X, F3236, F6217,F6214, Z7138, F8651X, F8650X,etc.,


Honeywell: All DCS cards, modules, CPUS, such as: CC-MCAR01, CC-PAIH01, CC-PAIH02, CC-PAIH51, CC-PAIX02, CC-PAON01, CC-PCF901, TC-CCR014, TC-PPD011,CC-PCNT02,etc.,


Motorola: MVME162, MVME167, MVME172, MVME177 series, such as MVME5100, MVME5500-0163, VME172PA-652SE,VME162PA-344SE-2G,etc.,


Xycom: I/O, VME board and processor, for example, XVME-530, XVME-674, XVME-957, XVME-976,etc.,

Kollmorgen:Servo drive and motor,such as S72402-NANANA,S62001-550,S20330-SRS,CB06551/PRD-B040SSIB-63,etc.,

Bosch/Rexroth/Indramat: I/O module, PLC controller, driver module,MSK060C-0600-NN-S1-UP1-NNNN,VT2000-52/R900033828,MHD041B-144-PG1-UN,etc.,


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