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ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device

ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device

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ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device.REM620 is a dedicated motor management relay for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of medium- and large-sized asynchronous and synchronous motors in the manufacturing and process industry.

ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device

ABB’s remote I/O concept introduces a new way of extending the I/O capabilities of protection relays. The concept is aimed at increasing the hardware functionality of the protection relays, while still maintaining the relay’s compact design. This way remote I/O can be used, when it is needed. The information between the remote I/O units and the main protection relay is exchanged over the latest communication standard IEC 61850. This enables easy integration into the systems and is in line with the latest standards.

ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device


Having delivered protection relays to more than 100 countries, ABB fully understands the need for diverse protection philosophies that meet local legislation, safety requirements and engineering practice. Therefore, ABB has developed a power protection philosophy that not only serves the specific needs and requirements of diverse power systems, but also creates confidence and peace of mind for both the power system owners and users.

The main purpose of a protection relay system is to recognize any abnormal power system condition(s), or abnormally operating system component(s). Based on the information gathered, the protection system will initiate corrective actions that return the system to its normal operating state. This provides a safe environment for all.

Protection relays are activated when something abnormal has happened in the power system; they do not prevent network faults from arising. Selecting the right protection functions and methods improves the performance and the reliability of the protection system, thus minimizing the effects of network faults and preventing the disturbance from spreading to the healthy parts of the network(  ).

ABB REM620A Motor protection and control device

Advantages of a complete protection system Close attention must be paid to operating speed, sensitivity, selectivity and reliability of the protection system. There is a strong correlation between the operating speed of the protectionsystem and the damage and danger caused by a network fault. Substation automation provides remote control and monitoring capabilities, which speed up the location of faults and the restoration of the power supply. Fast operation of the protection relays also minimizes post-fault load peaks. Together with voltage dips, post-fault load peaks increase the risk of the disturbance spreading to healthy parts of the network. The sensitivity of the protection must be adequate to detect relatively high resistance earth faults and short-circuits in the most distant parts of the network. Reliable selectivity is essential to limit the loss of power supply to as small a part of the network as possible, and to allow the faulted part of the network to be reliably located. Corrective actions can then be directed to the faulty part of the network, so that the power supply can be restored as quickly as possible.

The protection system must have a high degree of reliability. This also means that if, for example, the circuit breaker (CB) fails to operate, the back-up protection will clear the fault. Substation automation (SA) puts the operator in complete control of the substation. In addition, SA improves the power quality of the transmission and distribution network under normal operation, but especially in a disturbance situation and during substation maintenance activities. An SA or SCADA brings the full benefits of digital technology into protection and control of the networks. The protection relays are easily set-up and parameterized through easy and safe access from the operator’s workplace.

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