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ABB PM891AK01 | AC800M | Processor Unit

ABB PM891AK01 | AC800M | Processor Unit

ABB PM891AK01 | AC800M | Processor Unit.The ABB PM891AK01 is a processor unit from the AC800M family of rail-mounted modules. It is a monolithic unit equipped with power supply, CPU-boards, and unit termination. The PM891AK01 processor unit features the following:It contains a microprocessor and RAM memory, a real-time clock, LED indicators, INIT push button, and a Secure Digital interface.The unit has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) for connection to the Control Network, and one RJ45 serial port (COM4) for configuration.The PM891AK01 supports CPU redundancy for higher availability, including CPU, CEX-Bus, communication interfaces, and S800 I/O.It is possible to use redundant communication interfaces on the CEX-Bus, and the CEX-Bus Interconnection unit BC810 can be used to increase availability.The unit’s optical Modulebus can be used for connecting seven clusters of S800 I/O units.Each PM891AK01 is provided with a unique Ethernet address for hardware identity.PM891AK02

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ABB PM891AK01 | AC800M | Processor Unit

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