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ABB Gate Module 5SGY3545L001 high power semiconductors

ABB Gate Module 5SGY3545L001 high power semiconductors

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ABB Gate Module 5SGY3545L001 high power semiconductors Integrated gate-commutated thyristors (IGCT) The outstanding feature of the IGCT-leading to its name and its main advantages-is not only the silicon wafer itself, but the way it is driven by the gate-the electrical and mechanical gate-drive design. The «hard-drive» concept at the heart of IGCT operation requires the mechanical integration of gate driver and semiconductor into one single unit with low circuit inductance. It also implies a number of new converter features, which make IGCT converters different from GTO or 5SGY3545L001 IGBT converters. It is the scope of this application note to make designers familiar with the data sheets and the use of IGCTs in their main application areas

5SGY3545L0008ABB IGCT 5SGX10H6004



Part No:

Product Name:Silicon controlled,IGCT Module


IGCT integrated gate commutator thyristor module 5SGY3545L001  PLC IO Module Test Based On LabVIEW,.


ACS 6000 IGCT technology for maximal loadability in combination with minimal part count.Active Rectifier Unit (ARU)Self-commutated, 6-pulse,3-level voltage source inverterwith lGCT technology.


High snubberless turn-off rating

Optimized for medium frequency (<l kHz) andwide temperature range

High reliability  5SGY3545L001

High electromagnetic immunity

Simple control interface with status feedbackAC or DC supply voltage

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