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ABB 3BSE032402R1 PU516A Engineering board with MB300

ABB 3BSE032402R1 PU516A Engineering board with MB300

PU516A Engineering board with MB300 and  Advant Station 100 Engineering Board – PCI Communication Modules ABB 3bse032402r1 industrial control circuit card.High quality performance completes the system task

The DC power supply is connected to the junction box tb1 of the system 57 through the DC input card.

The DC input card provides diode isolation to allow connection: two independent power supplies. Such as a mains Derived DC power supply and a battery backup DC power supply. Note that the current will be supplied from the highest voltage input, and in some cases the current will be shared between the two inputs. Each of the two inputs has double + 24V and 0V terminals for easy connection through power supply or parallel connection of input sources. The fused + 24V output is a combination of two DC inputs for powering auxiliary equipment.

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Independent power supply control card

Note: in the control system with separate power supply, the DC connection is still the engineering card required to supply power to the DC input card.

If local or other regulations require separate connections to achieve the highest integrity of the distribution. The separate power supply of the single channel control card can be easily realized as follows:

(1) On the single channel control card, from position 1-2, and then re install to position 2-3, as follows: the individual power supply of the important control card must be blown externally through the 1A fuse

Note: link LK1 is not installed on the old version of single channel control card. In this case, the yellow disk fuse FS1 must be physically removed from the card.

(2) Connect the + 24V DC power supply to the corresponding field or relay interface card terminals 35 (+ 24V) and 36 (0V), as shown above.

AC to DC power unit connection warning

The AC to DC power supply unit must be grounded.

The input power supply of the AC to DC power supply unit may be:

a. 85V to 264v AC power supply with frequency of 47Hz to 440hz.

b. 110V to 340v DC power supply (see Zellweger analytics for information on DC power supply).

The power supply must be fused at the power supply for a maximum of 6A. At the switchboard. If other cables are used, the rated power supply must be at least 6A.

Two cables lead out from the rear of the AC to DC power supply unit:

a. AC input

AC power cable connection is color coded Brown live, blue neutral, yellow / Green grounded. If required, these conductors shall pass through appropriate intermediate trunk rated terminal blocks.

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