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ABB 3BHB020538R0001 | RC-IGCT | 5SHX 1060H0003 | ACS5000 system

ABB 3BHB020538R0001 | RC-IGCT | 5SHX 1060H0003 | ACS5000 system

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ABB 3BHB020538R0001 | RC-IGCT | 5SHX 1060H0003 | ACS5000 system.The ABB RC-IGCT (Reverse Conducting Integrated Gate-Commutated Thyristor) is a power semiconductor electronic device used for switching electric current in industrial equipment. It is related to the gate turn-off (GTO) thyristor. The IGCT is a fully controllable power switch, meaning it can be turned both on and off by its control terminal.

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Here are some key points about the ABB RC-IGCT:

Structure: The structure of an IGCT is similar to a GTO thyristor. However, the gate turn-off current in an IGCT is greater than the anode current, resulting in the complete elimination of minority carrier injection from the lower PN junction and faster turn-off times. The main differences between IGCT and GTO are a reduction in cell size and a much more substantial gate connection with much lower inductance in the gate drive circuit and drive circuit connection.

Reverse Blocking Capability: IGCTs can be classified into symmetrical IGCTs (S-IGCT) and asymmetrical IGCTs (A-IGCT). S-IGCTs are capable of blocking reverse voltage and are used in current source inverters. A-IGCTs are incapable of blocking reverse voltage and are used in applications where either a reverse conducting diode is applied in parallel (e.g., voltage source inverters) or where reverse voltage would never occur (e.g., switching power supplies or DC traction choppers). A-IGCTs can be fabricated with a reverse conducting diode in the same package, known as RC-IGCT (reverse conducting IGCT).

Applications: The main applications of IGCTs include variable-frequency inverters, drives, traction systems, and fast AC disconnect switches. Multiple IGCTs can be connected in series or parallel for higher power applications.

ABB 5SHX0660F0002..jpg

ABB 3BHB020538R0001 | RC-IGCT | 5SHX 1060H0003 | ACS5000 system


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