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A-B Silicon controlled 80026-044-06-R Gate Module

A-B Silicon controlled 80026-044-06-R Gate Module

A-B/MITSUBISHI  Silicon controlled 80026-044-06-R Gate Module High quality performance completes the system task The Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (IGCT) has become the power semiconductor of choice in medium voltage industrial applications 80026-044-06-R





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Product Name:Silicon controlled,IGCT Module


IGCT integrated gate commutator thyristor module 80026-044-06-R  PLC IO Module Test Based On LabVIEW,.


ACS 6000 IGCT technology for maximal loadability in combination with minimal part count.Active Rectifier Unit (ARU)Self-commutated, 6-pulse,3-level voltage source inverterwith lGCT technology.


High snubberless turn-off rating

Optimized for medium frequency (<l kHz) andwide temperature range

High reliability  81001-450-53-R

High electromagnetic immunity

Simple control interface with status feedbackAC or DC supply voltage

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