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3503E | Triconex | Digital Input Module

3503E | Triconex | Digital Input Module

3503E | Triconex | Digital Input Module


Module: 3503E

Description: Digital Input Module

Product Orgin:USA

3503E | Triconex | Digital Input Module. PLC user program is the user using PLC programming language, according to the control requirements of the program. In the application of PLC, the most important thing is to use PLC programming language to write user programs to achieve control purposes. Since PLC is a device specially developed for industrial control, its main users are the majority of electrical technicians, in order to meet their traditional habits and mastery ability, the main programming language of PLC is relatively simple, understandable and graphic language than computer language. PLC programming language is diverse, for different manufacturers, different series of PLC products using programming language expression is not the same, but basically can be summed up in two types: one is the use of character expression programming language, such as statement table; The second is the use of graphical symbol expression programming language, such as ladder diagram.

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